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I can’t recommend Wendy enough. She is a great teacher. Always thoughtful and attentive to each person’s physical needs and exercise goals, but also really human in her approach. I’ve benefitted enormously from her classes.

(Peta is in the video testimonial )

Gillie Steele-Bodger

I have been having classes with Wendy for a couple of months,and from the very first meeting I was impressed with her ability to assess exactly what I needed and how to get there with Pilates. She created a programme which she adapts as I need, and I really feel that the care and dedication, let alone knowledge , that she demonstrates is so positive and inspiring, that I will arrive at my goal! This is aside from the fact that she is delightful, funny, incredibly kind and considerate and makes what can be torture into a really pleasurable experience!



Clive Higglesden

Wendy is a very good instructor and we really enjoy her classes. Mas Christine is a great venue especially in the warmer weather on the outdoor elevated terrace. .They also make pretty decent wine.

Dani Mackinnon



I started doing Wendy’s Pilates class to help with my mental health. I was needing a positive focus, and Wendy’s class gave me something to really look forward to each week. The exercises helped me to slow down and breathe more deeply and easily, as well as invigorate and tone my muscles. Wendy is a superb instructor, calming, patient, encouraging and extremely professional. I would highly recommend Wendy and Fit 66 for all-round health and well-being. Simply superb!

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